Mike Carmine

High speed slow motion cinematography at the highest resolutions.


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Mike Carmine Reel Vimeo from Mike Carmine on Vimeo.

Phantom cinematography requires a completely different mind set when working because we are using a circular buffer. This is how we can get those amazing shots of sharks leaping in mid-air at 1000fps or a lightning strike hitting a tower at 2000fps. This feature allows for those incredible shots of visual excitement.  We actually record in the present what we liked from the past after it has happened. It takes some getting used to but is incredible helpful if something goes wrong during a take because you don’t record it and have zero reset time for the camera.

Some subjects are great in high speed: liquids, falling objects, large human motor activities such as sports, or anything that is to fast to see with your unaided eye. The faster the better. Fast movement will provide maximum visual impact.

The Phantom Flex 4K will also record in R/S (run/stop) mode for live action 24fps for extreme high quality and high dynamic range. When you use R/S mode you can record directing to the CineMag and it becomes like any other extremely high quality digital television or motion picture camera. In this mode you can record in CineRaw files for the highest possible quality for theater projection or ProRes 4K 4:2:2 for smaller screen and file size. The Phantom Flex 4K is actually two cameras in one with an extremely low noise level in the blacks for both 24fps normal speed and up to 2000fps for high speed.